CAD6 News

CAD6 Release 2021.2 is available now!

The most recent improvements and extensions:

New: Virtual Dongle – As an alternative to physical USB dongles, you can now also purchase a virtual CAD6dongle to distribute your CAD6 licenses over your local network. Especially useful in connection with remote or virtual servers. Available for Release 2021.1 and later with non-expired Support & Updates.
New: Layer and Pen Folders – Folders in the layer and pen list can now be opened and closed using '+' / '-'. The respective state is permanently noted in the drawing. Above all, this makes it easier to work with large numbers of layers and/or pens.
New: Smoother Display – The "live" display of objects during moving and modifying has been improved to flicker less.
New: Dynamic Snapping Guide – Create lines and arcs in addition to endless lines and circles, plus new commands. Now also usable when creating or assembling curves and surfaces.
New: Contour Tracking – A comfortable method to create surfaces and curves from existing objects' parts combined with Snapping Guide objects.
New: Split Objects – Split a set of surfaces into two parts using another surface's outline or a curve temporarily closed by a polyline.
New: Position Number Ranges – Use up to 10 independent number ranges in position numbers.
New: Improved Parts Lists – Choose the number ranges to be exported and access local attributes in all modes. Save scenarios for repeated parts list creation.
New: Recently Used Blocks – Call a list of up to 100 recently used blocks in chronological order with preview and a search option in all block dialogs.
New: Updated Data Exchange – Improved handling of clippings, color gradients, and conversion of block and layer visibility in DXF and DWG.

For a detailed list, please refer to the change log in the CAD6 Online Manual.

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