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Yes, when you visit our homepage you do not need to click away any annoying dialog, whereby you agree that all your data will usually be commercially exploited by more than one American company. We offer solid software and honest customer relationships. This includes that one do not pass on the customers' data to third parties – with or without so-called consent. That is the most basic form of respect. Something every company should have.


We develop on site and provide support ourselves because we are convinced that development cannot work without close customer contact. We don't steal your time with pseudo-support, such as homepage chats or standardized call center answers. Our prices include live support via remote maintenance. And all findings from the support flow directly into the development.


Our indefinitely valid licenses and open file formats offer reliability and future security. Our maxim is not profit maximization through elaborate rental license systems. Therefore, we do not force monthly pseudo-updates on you to justify them. And of course you can download the CAD6 installation files from previous years that match your license at any time from our download archive.

Subscription Models

Many software manufacturers only offer subscription models. We offer rental licenses because some customers want them, but basically we stand by permanent buying licenses and guarantee that we will continue to offer them, because:
  • CAD software is a tool and should belong to you. A tool that you own can be used indefinitely and unconditionally. That is planning security.
  • If a new tool is available, you can calmly consider whether it suits you better than the old one. Manufacturers are thus forced to deliver real innovations.
  • Nobody should be forced to constantly have to get used to a changed tool without any added benefit.
  • Subscription models often go hand in hand with the fact that you have to buy a whole bundle of products. And that at annual prices that previously a buying license of the individual product cost. Almost nobody needs all the products, but you still have to pay for them - every year anew.
We see ourselves as a productive part of the European economy. Most subscription models pose a threat to all participants in this economic area:
  • Enormous financial resources flow into foreign regions every year, which are then no longer available for meaningful local investments.
  • Subscription models encourage the emergence of monopolies, create dependencies and prevent innovations.
  • In the medium term, this concept, which is exclusively oriented towards profit maximization, creates an economic environment that we do not want for Europe.


About us

The Malz++Kassner GmbH is a versatile IT service provider that can help you with any project concerning software. It was founded in 1997 by its managing directors who already have 40 years of IT experience.

We can manage projects of any type and duration. For huge projects, we have access to a network of partner companies and freelancers in the area of Braunschweig, Germany.


Stefan Malz

Olaf Kassner

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