Parametric Compounds

Parametric compounds are created from arbitrary drawing objects and then equipped with different degrees of freedom (or in short “freedoms”) such as movement, scaling, and rotation. For each of those, any number of definition points within the compound is selected.

Each of the freedoms has an actual value and a target value, both of which can use Formulas and Variables. If compounds are located within blocks or groups, they can access the attributes of those. By this means, you can create parts that are both easy and powerful and can be numerically adapted later on.

By using definition points, parametric compounds are extremely flexible and intuitive. The order in which multiple freedoms shall be applied can be defined. During the process of creating or modifying a compound, you can even switch off the complete freedoms temporarily in order create each single freedom without being influenced by the others.
The properties of the parametric compound can be edited afterwards, including the chosen sets of points. This allows for copying and adapting compounds to completely different behaviours.

Once created, such a compound behaves similar to a block or a group, it will be chosen and modified as one entity. If necessary, a compound can either be completely resolved into separate objects or transformed into a group to be both independent from outside influences and to be fully editable using normal trimming and editing commands.

An introduction into parametric compounds is available in our CAD6 Video on YouTube (with German commentary) »

Please be aware that some functions such as Parametric Compounds are not part of CAD6starter.

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