Release 2024 will be the final version for which 32-bit versions of CAD6industrie and CAD6studio are available upon request. Starting with Release 2025, only 64-bit versions will be available. Please migrate to 64-bit versions as soon as possible!



Using the dongle server software, you can make licenses for CAD6studio or CAD6industrie available to all computers in the local area network by means of a physical or virtual CAD6dongle. The licenses coded into the dongle can then be shared dynamically throughout the network without having to move the dongle around (sometimes called "network" or "floating" licenses). All you need is the free Dongle Server software which can be installed on any arbitrary network computer with a fixed IPv4 address that is visible to the CAD6 clients.


Physical Dongle

To use a physical CAD6dongle, just connect that dongle to a USB port of the computer running the Dongle Server software. A physical dongle can hold up to 5 different license numbers and up to 1000 users per license. Changing the maximum number of users or adding additional licenses to a physical dongle requires sending the CAD6dongle in to us via mail.


Virtual Dongle

To use a virtual CAD6dongle, you must request it from us after you've installed the dongle server. Click the "Options" button in the stand-alone Dongle Server or in the configuration tool for the service-based Dongle Server, then click "Display Server ID". Send us the displayed Server ID via e-mail to receive the virtual dongle registration code to be registered with the Dongle Server. A virtual dongle can be used for one license number and up to 1000 users for that license. For any one license number, you can use at most one virtual dongle per server. If you register multiple virtual dongles for the same license number, only the most recent virtual dongle will be usable.


The Dongle Server can handle up to 20 concurrent dongles.


Physical dongles are not included in any CAD6 license and must be purchased separately. Virtual dongles can be requested for any buying and annual rental license. Both types of dongles are only available for licenses with non-expired Support & Updates.



Parts of the Dongle Server Package

Depending on your requirements and your computer skills, you can either use the Stand-Alone Application MKDongle.exe (simple installation and configuration) or the Service-Based Application MKDongleService.exe (background service for advanced users) to share the dongle information throughout the network.


Use the Configuration Tool MKDongleConfig.exe to view and modify the service-based Dongle Server settings, and the Information Tool MKDongleInfo.exe to simply view the license information stored in physical dongles without having to install the stand-alone Dongle Server.


Important note: To install / uninstall the service-based Dongle Server and to edit that Dongle Server's options, administrator privileges are required!



Client Setup

Once a Dongle Server has been installed, each client that shall use the Dongle Server must be set up accordingly. To do so, start the CAD6 client and choose the Help > Activation / Dongle command. In the "Activation by means of Dongle Server" section, enter the TCP/IP address and port number of the Dongle Server, and set the "Activate by means of the Dongle Server" option. Exit CAD6 and start it again. Choose the Help > Activation / Dongle command again to check if the Dongle Server was detected. If so, the serial number of the dongle attached to the server followed by "(Server)" will be displayed.


You can also run a CAD6 client on the computer that runs the Dongle Server. This client must also make use of the Dongle Server since it will not be able to detect the local dongles any more.




It is mandatory that you not only unlock the CAD6 client but also the Dongle Server if you're using a physical CAD6dongle! After unlocking, you have to exit and restart the Stand-Alone Application MKDongle.exe or in case of the Service-Based Application MKDongleService.exe you have to unplug and reconnect the dongle. This is also valid if you want to apply a new unlock code for an update of CAD6. To unlock CAD6, run the unlock program which is available in the download section of our homepage ( and open your latest unlock code ("MKUnlock(*).txt"). The unlocking procedure requires administrator privileges.


Please remember: When receiving a new unlock code (after renewing your Support & Updates), do no forget to apply that new unlock code to the Dongle Server as well in order to automatically update any physical dongles attached to the server. Otherwise, clients using the new license cannot be granted activation from the Dongle Server! Virtual dongles will have to be requested anew for the new license.



Log File Contents

Please click here to see a detailed description of the log file’s contents. This will help to locate possible problems with the Dongle Server, especially if it displays "Unable to bind TCP/IP", indicating that it cannot open the required TCP/IP socket.



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