Construction and drawing in 2D and 3D, as well as CAM and layout in Windows® for all kinds of applications.

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Available now: CAD6 Release 2016

After 20 years of 32-bit software, CAD6 Release 2016 is available for the first time as a 64-bit edition and features essentially one thing: Speed!

• Opening drawings: 2× faster
• Saving drawings: 3× faster
• Complex screen refresh: up to 8× faster

On top of it the new Dynamic Snapping Guide, improved display quality, longer layer and pen names, more pages, variable arrow forms and Smart 2D Technology. Current 32-bit editions of CAD6 are still available, but we strongly recommend the 64-bit editions.

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CAD6 Publisher

A special CAD6 package made for:

technical illustration,
graphics & layout,
desktop publishing.

Create high-quality, high-precision PDF files for pre-press and bitmaps for the web.

Single license: 1,390.—  € w/o VAT
1,654.10 € with VAT

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Videos on YouTube®

A new series of German videos for CAD6 can now be viewed via YouTube.

Send us your suggestions on further topics!

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Smart 2D Technology

CAD6 is a universal 2D/3D CAD Software for Windows.

Its focus is on 2D drawing and construction with features you won’t find in any other CAD system.

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CAD6 in Action:

Solution for
Guided Vehicles

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of Vehicle


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